Besemeh is a family-run jewelry brand started by Mojgan to bring you more beautiful and meaningful jewelry pieces to add to your collection. Mojgan and her daughters work together to carefully curate or design each piece of jewelry sold on besemeh.com. Much of their inspiration grows from their Persian roots.

Besemeh jewelry is available for purchase online, in-person, or at a jewelry party with your girlfriends. Please feel free to contact Mojgan if you have any questions or special requests!

Mojgan's Personal Story:

"My passion for jewelry started at a very young age. Like many young girls, I wanted to be a glamorous little princess. I dreamed of wearing diamonds and sparkles, gliding down the streets while everyone admired the beauty of my jewelry. My grandmother played into this dream of mine, having me picture different kinds of jewelry through fruits. We would sit around the table placing cherries by my ears, imagining that they were ruby earrings. I’d ask her what a strawberry was, and she would responded playfully with, “A necklace of course!” to then place it gently on my neck. We would sit for hours pretending fruit anywhere from blackberries to grapes were precious pieces of jewelry. That is when I realized how meaningful and beautiful jewelry can be to each individual wearer.
"Now when I look at colorful gemstones, I remember those special moments with my grandmother. I believe that jewelry is not only an easy and beautiful way to complete any outfit, but can also be a representation of something so much deeper. When many women look inside their jewelry boxes they don't just see metals and gemstones, they see memories and reminders of loved ones. My hope is that jewelry from Besemeh will either symbolize something special in your own collection or become a reminder of your relationship when gifted to a loved one.