The Symbol of Protection

Posted by Mojgan Behbahani on

Every once and a while an evil eye comes our way; a jealous stare, a lurking glare, a vengeful wish or prayer. In many cultures, these evil eyes have been known to cast a curse on those unaware. Many cultures have believed that one way to prevent misfortune brought by such evil eyes is to wear an evil eye talisman. The mystical qualities thought to be within evil eye charm works to prevent jealousy and evil wishes from others.

Similarly, the hamsa is a symbol of protection, whereby its simple image of a five fingered hand has gone by many names. It has been referred to as the hand of Miriam in Judaism, the hand of Fatima in Islam, and the hand of Mary in Christianity. Yet, no matter what you call it, this image’s meaning has always remained the same: the symbol of protection.

You know that feeling you get when someone you love is watching over you; that feeling of overwhelming love and care when someone has your back at all times? The hamsa can provide you with that same feeling. This is not just any hand, but a hand that can make you feel comfort in knowing you are being provided protection and love. Such protection leads many to live a life of success and harmony. Use this emblem to also remember to use a hand to help others, for everyone can use a little love and protection.