The Miracle of Turquoise

Posted by Mojgan Behbahani on

Picture yourself in your element. Maybe it’s on a beach, staring out at the turquoise waves, feeling tranquil and calm. Maybe it’s lying in a park, watching the clouds go by across the turquoise sky. The color turquoise is all around you, often times found in places of relaxation, bringing you calmness and joy.

A turquoise stone has the ability to bring these elements into your life, causing you to feel healed from within. Much like a vacation can rejuvenate you simply by clearing your conscious of any worries, a turquoise stone can do the same. It facilitates a peace of mind along with providing a soothing energy, which many of us are in need of in our busy everyday lives. For ages, turquoise has been used across many cultures for similar purposes, from the Ancient Egyptions to Native Americans. Indian healers used it to initiate rain, clearing the air of any negativity and washing away their problems.

Now, picture yourself once again in your happy place. Now imagine you bring your happy place with you everywhere you go, whether it be on your wrist, your neck, or within your soul through our Turquoise Collection.