Ancient Persian Turquoise - A Brief History

Posted by Mojgan Behbahani on

Turquoise has been mined in Persia for over 5,000 years. Although the name "turquoise" is itself derived from the Old French word for "Turkish," the first turquoise that was exposed to Europe was from Persian via Turkish trading posts.

Turquoise is mined in many places around the world including the United States, China, and Egypt. Persian turquoise, our favorite at, is usually harder and a richer blue than other types of turquoise. Only turquoise from the Southwest United States comes close the the quality of Persian turquoise.

Most of the turquoise sold at is Persian turquoise. We can't get enough of the rich blues and the weighty feeling it has over other types of turquoise. The photo above is of a Besemeh vintage necklace made from ancient turquoise mined right outside of the city of Mashhad, Iran.

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